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My Spirit Cards

This deck of 19 cards is recommended to be used in conjunction with the My Spirit Retreat, and the My Spirit She Lifts from Me book. 

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We all live this life with many lessons to learn. Most of these lessons are acquired through our personal choices, mistakes, and experiences. Some lessons are very difficult to learn, some are hard to remember, and yet others cannot be forgotten.

Occasionally, when we are extremely lucky, we are able to discover and absorb life’s lessons through other people’s stories. This is a blessing, for we are then saved from the trouble, the pain, the sadness, or the years that often these lessons take.

The My Spirit She Lifts From Me book, contain the stories, and the My Spirit Cards, echo the lessons that may be reminders, or perhaps complete new thoughts, beliefs or inspirations, which could alter the way you are from this moment on.

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