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Automatic Writing Examples

Some of you have asked about one of the exercises in My Retreat, Automatic Writing. I wanted to give you a couple of examples. I have also added another daily exercise that I do, and it is called Scripting.

Scripting is kind of like Automatic writing, but there is no need to wait and hear what is coming through. Scripting is pretty much just writing down whatever comes to mind first. Sometimes it can be lengthy, and at times it is just a quick thought.

Automatic Writing 1/20/20

What is a good question for the day? How can I best help others?

You can help others best by helping yourself first. Support yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Heal yourself. Eat healthy. Think positive. Act as if. Envision a great future. See the world. Be kind to yourself. Be generous to yourself. Look great. Smile, dance and celebrate.


Today I will celebrate more than usual. I will laugh as much as I can. I will smile at myself. I will find the good in everything I taste, touch, and do. I say Amen to my beautiful life.

Automatic Writing 7/2/19

What can I do so that I don’t feel thrown under the bus?

Don’t’ feel thrown under the bus. Feel that you are patient with those who need to throw others under the bus. Feel that you can help support and guide those types of people. Help people be their best, feel their best, and do their best. Lift others and guide them to be that way.

Be the one that lifts those who throw people under the bus. You are that person. Lift, love and guide.


Today all anxiety and angst will be lifted and erased. I will feel the calm and peace of transcendence in every moment and every conversation. I will help clarify. I will help open people’s perspective. I will help guide and strengthen those around me.

Today I will hear so many great things. My friends and family will be protected, joyous, healthy, and at peace. Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.

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